3D Scanner

3D scanners can provide numerous solutions vital to a business' success.

Imagine being able to create a lifelike 3D representation of any conceivable object quickly and easily. That's the promise behind the new generation of 3D scanners, which feature compact designs and easier set-up. Although the technology behind them isn't new, the 3D scanner has only recently become a viable tool for companies of all types and sizes thanks to increased software capability and system affordability.


Small automotive companies, medical facilities, and arts organizations are now able to enjoy the same access to 3D scanners that was once reserved only for the largest corporations. And thanks to their ever increasing ease-of-use and accuracy, 3D scanners have become a vital addition for a wide variety of applications, including reverse engineering, architectural rendering, digital archiving, prototype machining, package design, and rapid prototyping.


But most 3D scanners available on the market today have greatly limited mobility and portability - requiring that the object be brought to the scanner instead of the other way around.

Welcome to the next generation of 3D scanners - the ZScanner 700


Now Z Corp. has made the use of scanning technology easier with the introduction of the ZScanner 700, the first self-positioning, real-time surfacing 3D laser scanner. The hand-held ZScanner 700 is easy to use, fast, and can scan any object - even those in the tightest spaces - all at once and in real-time. Unlike other 3D scanners that require extensive post-processing to stitch multiple scans into one, the ZScanner 700 lets you capture the entire object in one continuous scan, with no need to stop the process to reposition the object and recalibrate the scanner.


Why should you choose the ZScanner 700 over all of the other 3D scanners available on the market today?


  • Mobility - The convenient hand-held design allows for easy maneuverability
  • Speed - The plug-and-play set-up has you scanning in minutes
  • Ease-of-use - Take this portable, lightweight 3D scanning system anywhere

Highly accurate and extremely mobile, the ZScanner 700 is the ideal 3D scanner for the following diverse applications:


  • Reverse engineering - Fast and accurate for aftermarket product design
  • Packaging design - Create custom packaging by creating a 3D scan of product samples for exact geometry and texture data
  • Ergonomic design - Readily scan hand-crafted samples to produce complex prototype models from scratch
  • Health Care - Replicating human anatomy to create custom medical aids such as prosthetics and hearing aids
  • Arts & Entertainment - 3D rendering for gaming, special effects, and animation
  • Historic Preservation - Creating a 3D scan to catalog, preserve, and restore historically and culturally significant artifacts for future generations

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