Industrial Design Model Maker

Create prototype models with high value, function and realistic appearance with Z Corporation's fast and affordable industrial design model makers

Manufacturing companies are always looking for better ways to reduce costs and accelerate production in order to compete in today's global market. Industrial design model makers have long been tasked with creating prototypes that accurately reflect the form, fit, and function of the finished product. But the added value that the industrial design model maker brings in terms of improved usability and more appealing products can come at a high price.


Z Corporation 3DP (three dimensional printing) technology greatly reduces the time and costs normally associated with traditional industrial design model makers. Z Corp 3D printers create early stage prototype models of any complexity directly from 3D CAD and other digital data, quickly and inexpensively. With timesaving automation and available casting materials, a typical prototype can be printed with Z Corp 3D printers in just a few hours - a fraction of the time required by a traditional industrial design model maker - and for a fraction of the cost.


Leading industrial designers are increasingly using Z Corp 3D in-house industrial design model makers to bring their creative visions from conceptual design through completed product, saving valuable time and money at every step. And unlike models produced by a traditional industrial design model maker, rapidly produced Z Corp models provide a fast and efficient way to identify issues and challenges with a design very early in the process. From the very first concept meeting to the final phase of construction, Z Corp 3D industrial design model makers are the fastest, most cost-effective solution for.

Companies of all sizes can now get the benefits of an in-house industrial design model maker

The full line of Z Corporation 3D printers offer industrial designers a range of rapid prototyping solutions to fit any application, company size, and budget. From the entry-level ZPrinter 310 Plus and automated ZPrinter 450 to the top-of-the-line Spectrum Z510, Z Corporation has introduced more innovations for transforming AutoCAD and other 3D CAD data into physical color models than any other provider of rapid prototyping equipment. Innovations include the fastest 3D printers, the first and only color 3D printers, and high-definition 3D printing (HD3DP™) capabilities. Our cutting-edge 3D printers deliver the speed, low operating costs, and high-quality models that industrial designers need to compete in today's global market.

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